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Pass labs XS series

The highly acclaimed Pass Labs XS series pre and power amps on display

Magic Dream Gold

Omicron Magic Dream Gold suspension device, they bring out the inner detail, transparency and dynamics of your music. They are good to put under CD players, media players, preamps and power amps, plus also good for  small to medium size speakers

$230/ set of 3
Usher Audio ML-801

Usher Audio ML-801 Magnesium series with Magnesium tweeters and midrange 


3-way system : tweeter 1.25" (9980-20MA)
midrange 5" (0542MA),
woofer 8" (8955A),
sensitivity: 87 dB @ 1 watt / 1m
nominal impedance: 6 ohms
frequency response (-3 dB): 28 Hz ~ 38 kHz
power handling: 160 watts
crossover frequencies: 350Hz, 2.1 kHz
weight: 52 kgs (including base)
dimensions (w x d x h): 48 cm x 54 cm x 116 cm


In stock
11,950 and up
Partial equipment display

Partial equipment display

MBL 1621A CD transport & 1611F D/A

MBL 1621A CD transport & 1611F D/A

$32,200 each
Esoteric K-05XD CD/SACD

Esoteric K-05XD CD/SACD player USB input

Lawrence Audio Cello

Lawrence Audio Cello

On display
Lawrence Audio Violin

Lawrence Audio Violin

On display