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The biggest "little" audio store in Southern California

We pride ourselves on our integrity, customer services and greate prices.

With your expertise and a wide selection of the finest high-end audio equipment, we can craft a high-end audio experience you will love.

Call us today to schedule a customized listening session or find the right addition to your sound room.

**Disclaimer: Please be aware that our email address "" has been hijacked to spam and extort people into paying bitcoins, this is a criminal act, and these emails are not from us. 

audio USA - Distributed by Katli Audio Company.

Contact us for more information on becming an Usher Audio Dealer.

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Authorized dealer for:

Electronics & Digital
  • Accuphase
  • AirTight
  • Conrad Johnson
  • Esoteric
  • MBL
  • Melton Audio
  • Omicron
  • PassLabs
  • Usher Audio
  • Cocktail Audio Streamers
  • Accoustic Zen
  • ATC (Acoustical Transducer Company)
  • Harbeth
  • MBL
  • Ficion
  • Omicron
  • Usher Audio
  • Rethm speakers
  • Benz Micro
  • Katli stylus gauge
  • Clearaudio turntables & cartridges
  • Transrotor
  • Graham arms
  • Triplanar Arms
  • Triangle Art
Cables, Racks & Tuning Devices
  • Acoustic Zen
  • Cardas
  • Mapleshade Cables
  • Siltech
  • Audience
  • Tara Labs
  • Omicron
  • Symposium platforms
  • Shun Mook
Video, Screens & Misc
  • Stewart Screens
  • FIM - First Impression Music CDs: SACD, XRCD-2, 24 Bit HDCD, 26k gold recordings
Power Conditioners & Power Cords
  • Audience
  • Chang Lightspeed
  • Tara Labs
  • Cardas
  • Accuphase
  • Isotek
  • Siltech