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K-03X inventory sale

Esoteric K-03X SACD player, USB, coax, optical, AES/EBU (single or dual) digital inputs, RCA and XLR analog outputs. This new unit was recently acquired from Esoteric directly as their authorized dealer in factory sealed box on pallet, 3 yrs U.S. warranty. Discontinued model sale $7,650 (MSRP $12,000)

Esoteric K-03X

Esoteric K-03X SACD/CD player, new in factory sealed box, 120V U.S. unit, full U.S. warranty. 

Esoteric P-03 SACD/CD transport

VRDS-Neo mechanism, dual AES & iLink digital output for SACD signal. Link:

Omicron CD-1X

Top Loading CD player with Dac, RCA & XLR analog out, Dac can be use separately with coax digital input, 60 lbs hefty build

in stock
EAR Acute tube CD player w/ USB

This is a very musical CD player with tube output stage & volume control which allows you to bypass the need of a preamp. Please see a partial description of the review from Audio Asylum.

“The EAR Acute CD unit is a unique player, with extreme resolution. Every musical instrument sounds actually like a real musical instrument and voices actually sound like real voices. No, it does not have the transport of the Phillips Pro mechanism or the construction of the ARC unit, but what it does have is a sound which is rich, luscious, organic and tonally correct.”

MBL-1511F D/A

The D/A converter opens the door to the future, to DVD (96/192 kHz/24 bits), and is already equipped with a Link for the mbl Super Audio CD player.

MBL 1521A CD transport

World class CD transport, A massive brass block with floating 3-point suspension forms the foundation for the drive unit. Once the CD has been inserted, the drive chamber is closed with a massive 10-mm thick full-metal lid, creating a room of absolute peace and quiet. Neither vibrations nor sound impulses are able to interfere with the work of the laser pick-up or the CD. 

Used, excellent condition, one owner