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Price and model specifications
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Cocktail Audio X45 Pro

Cocktail Audio X45 Pro streamer/ media player/ hard-drive player/ internet radio and more. This is their state of the art thoroughbred audiophile piece, glass-sanded aluminum chassis constructio. Sabre Pro Flagship ES9038PRO Dac chips support various formats like MQA, DSD, DXD, PCM and full range hi-res audio file formats. 

Please call to discuss HD and color options. Local customers are welcome to audition in our sound room. 

For complete specs visit Cocktail site at:

X45 streamer/media/CD player

Cocktail Audio X45 streamer/media/CD player/FM radio, internet radio. In stock on display. We do pre-setup with Harddrive for our customers

On display

Esoteric K-01XD SACD player, USB, coax, optical, AES/EBU (single or dual) digital inputs, RCA and XLR analog outputs. Esoteric Atlas Superlative drive mechanism, In house discrete Dac, 3 yrs U.S. warranty.

special order
Esoteric K-03XD

Esoteric K-03XD SACD/CD player, just arrived, newest and greatest, good in stock, 120V U.S. unit, full U.S. warranty.



Esoteric N-05XD Streamer/Dac/preamp

Esoteric N-05XD N-Series Network DAC / Preamplifier

In stock, ready to ship

Omicron CD-1X

Top Loading CD player with Dac, RCA & XLR analog out, Dac can be use separately with coax digital input, 60 lbs hefty build

in stock
MBL-1611F D/A

Reference quality D/A converter, 24/96-192hz, up to 5.6Mhz oversampling, USB input

On display
MBL 1621A CD transport

World class CD transport, A massive brass block with floating 3-point suspension forms the foundation for the drive unit. Once the CD has been inserted, the drive chamber is closed with a massive 10-mm thick full-metal lid, creating a room of absolute peace and quiet. Neither vibrations nor sound impulses are able to interfere with the work of the laser pick-up or the CD. Piano white w/ gold trim.

New, demo sale