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Pass labs XA-100.8 class A mono blocks, 100w 8 ohm class A

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Accuphase P7300 power amp, 125w x2 8 ohm, will go down to 1 ohm at 800w x2, high current design w/ 20 Mosfet output devices per channel. Damping factor is at 1000, that is higher (better bass control) then some 500w mono blocks.

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Pass Labs XA100.8

Pass Labs XA100.8 mono blocks power amps, class A 100w x2, sweet but powerful with grace.

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Opus 350

Sonicraft 350 power amp, 350w x2 power amp

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First Watt F-8 power amp

Nelson Pass' passionate project using a very special output devise. The F8 is a stereo two-stage single-ended Class A amplifier using the NOS Toshiba 2SJ74 P channel Jfets and SemiSouth R100 SiC power Jfets for signal gain, plus IRFP240 Mosfet mu-follower current sources, for a total of three devices per channel.

Single-ended/single-stage class A 20w/8 ohm, great for small to medium size spks, sweet class A sound, very mesmerizing. In stock, ready to ship.

17"W x 16"D x 6.75"H  32 lbs

Pass Labs X-150.8

150w A/AB, balanced and RCA inputs, entry level model of the Pass Labs line up, affordable high-end starts here.

Pass Labs XA-160.8

160w class A monos, new warranty. Unparalleled musicality.

special order
MBL 9008A

125w, peak at 440w

Conrad Johnson ART mono amps

300w x2, limited edition tube mono blocks, only 125 pairs worldwide, glorious sound, $36,900/ pair

For more detail:

AirTight ATM-3

AirTight ATM-3 tube mono amps, 110w ultra linear or 55w triode

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Pass Labs X-250.8

Pass Labs X250.8, in comparison to it's predecessor, the highly acclaimed X 250.5, it is more into class

A, with larger power supplies, more storage capacitance, more precise reference voltage, new larger heat sinks. Foe more info:

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