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XP-22 preamp

Pass Labs' 2 chassis preamp, fully differential balanced circuitry, among the best value in the high-end audio industry

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Esoteric C-03Xs/P with phono

ESOTERIC's new C-03Xs/P preamp with optional mm/mc phono board installed at factory. It carries on the refinement of the 02 series' superb quality of musical reproduction, which stand as a Grandioso legacy. Their minimalist approach to the consummate purity of sound returns to the vey source of audio component design to give birth to a rich new range of musical experience. Hand-assembled one-by-one in ESOTERIC's Tokyo factory.

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Pass Labs XS-pre

Pass labs XS-Preamp, 2 chassis, special order new, list price $38,000

A set of pre-owned from original owner is available for $22,780, 1 year warranty.


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Pass Labs XP-12

Line stage, RCA & XLR in & outputs, fully balanced with 2 signal paths per channel thru out the entire circuits, remote. 

New model

MBL 6010D

Remote preamp, 2 sets of trimable outputs 

(great for bi-amping) Amazing transparency and musicality

GAT-II Preamp

Flagship model tube preamp

Production limited  to 250 worldwide

special order
Conrad Johnson ET-6

All tube line stage $4500

With phono section $5700

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