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The "biggest" little audio store in Southern California 

High-end audio since 1988


Our 3rd 400 sq.ft home theater/ sound room




   1st and 2nd sound rooms with Omicron & Harbeth M40.1 speakers,
  Conrad Johnson & Omicron electronics


2nd sound room with smaller speakers    


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 MBL 1621A & 1611F CD transport $28,000 and D/A $28,700 world class digital front end



    Gamut Phi 7     
demo sale $4900.  On display



                                                                                                              Lawrence Audio Violin $7500/pr. and Cello $16500/pr
                                                                                   on display                    



CD-3 CD player $8,899



                                                                                               Esoteric K-05 CD/SACD player, USB input, $8990




                                                                                                      MBL 1521A CD transport & 1511F D/A

                                                                                                                          $12,200 each




Usher Audio Mini One and Mini 2 in stock                                           Usher 718DMD with Diamond tweeter $2995
Diamond tweeters, solid wood cabinets




Usher Audio Be-10DMD, Diamond tweeter & Beryllium midrange drivers. 89 db 25-40 khz, 202 lbs of solid wood
cabinet, piano high gloss front baffle, $17,399.00/pr. The realistic & well layered midrange quality is unlike anything I have ever
heard before
Beryllium is 5x more rigid, 1.5x lighter than ceramic (aluminum oxide), speed is 2.5x faster too.


                                                                                Katli Audio new stylus gauge, 1000th of a gram accuracy for $85 ea      


                              Omicron CD-1X CD player,  Dac can be used separately  $6800   

                                 Transrotor Orfeo table w/ Triplanar MkVII tone arm $17,000


Partial equipment display


Special accomplishments:
We are the top selling dealer for Accuphase in USA 2004, 2007
Top Focal-JM Labs dealer in California 2004

We have only our loyal customers to thank for these achievements


authorized dealer for:

Accuphase Arcam Air Tight Conrad Johnson
Esoteric L.A. Audio
MBL MSB Technology McCormack Omicron Pass Labs Japan Sound TacT Audio

Acoustic Zen Harbeth Focal-JM Labs MBL Odeon Omicron Usher Audio Stax Headphones

Audio Craft arms & cartridges Basis tables Benz Micro Katli Arm Load Meter Clearaudio turntables & cartridges Transrotor VPI Graham arms Triplanar Arms

Acoustic Zen Cardas JPS Labs Mapleshade Cables Monster Cable ESP Audience
Shakti Stones Sound Anchors Tara Labs Walker Audio Lovan Symposium platforms
Shun Mook

Dream Vision DLP Projectors, NEC Plasma & DLP projectors
Bright Star Audio Dalite Draper Stewart Screens etc.
FIM- First Impression Music CDs: SACD, XRCD-2, 24 Bit HDCD, 24k gold recordings

Audience, Chang Lightspeed Essential power prod. PS Audio Monster Cable Sound Applications


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Tel: 909-465-0222
Fax: 909-627-2130
Mon-Sat   11am-7pm PST  (by appointment only)

E-mail: sales@katli.com

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